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The most important health tip you will ever read!

This flyer contains the most important health secret that we can share with you. This secret will help you live a healthy and abundant life. This is a very simple secret, but powerful beyond belief when you apply it. The secret? The most important tool that you have in the wellness quest is information. Information is power. It will help you make better health care and wellness choices for you and your family.

Our intent at Butler Family Health Center is to empower our patients with specific material, studies and concepts that will help you become as healthy as you possibly can. Most doctors give you a fancy diagnosis that you can’t pronounce let alone understand what it means. That’s never the case in our practice. We expect every patient to be fully informed and educated so that you can make your very best decisions when it comes to you and your family’s health.

When patients don’t understand their health problems, they tend to feel very helpless and frightened. They hope someone will “save” them from this terrible disease. That is exactly how we never want you to feel in our office. We put the power back in your hands so that you have control of your health and your life. By arming you with valuable health information, you will better understand your body and make better health decisions.

Please pay very close attention to your daily health tip that we offer in the office, because it may save your life or someone you love. We provide this information because we want our patients to be the healthiest patients on the planet!

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