Foot pain can be very distressing and confusing. But it doesn’t have to be. Dr. Butler helps his patients simplify the problem and get to a solution as quickly as possible without surgery and without drugs or shots. There is a better way!

There are many causes of foot pain. Here, we will discuss the most common causes.

1. Plantar fascitis: “Doc, I wake up in the morning, and as soon as I get out of bed I get pain and aches around the heel area.” “It takes a little while for the pain to work itself out” “…gets worse when I’ve been doing more activity.” We provide great treatment for the problem of plantar fascitis, and its very effective.

2. Heel spurs: This can also cause significant foot pain, and sometimes have symptoms similar to plantar fascitis. Heel spurs take many years to develop. They are formed by calcification of a muscle tendon on the underside of the foot. They do tend to get worse over the years. The cause of a heel spur is when the muscle underneath the foot is overstretched due to fallen arches or some other reason and the body tries to calcify it to protect it. Really good, supportive arch supports, (orthotics) can help with this problem also. We use “A-Line” orthotics, and they seem to really help patients with heel spurs.

3. Misalignment of the foot bones: Sometimes the bones of the foot get misaligned due to many reasons; ie. Slamming the foot on the brake in a car accident, followed by a frontal impact. Fallen arches can also cause misalignment. When we determine that this is the cause of the foot pain, relief can be immediate through doing adjustments to the foot bones, which make them instantly feel better.

4. Diabetic related foot problems: In these cases, we can help by determining the source of the problem and helping the patient get to the best treatment for the diabetes related problem.

Once you understand how the foot works then we can find solutions to the symptoms and relief from the problem. Dr. Butler has helped many patients with a large variety of foot pain problems over his 17 years in practice. We can help you too!

The foot actually has many moving parts, joints, ligaments, bones, and muscles. The parts are responsible for properly supporting the person and helping them get around. Most of the time the foot does a fabulous job. Although, sometimes things can get out of balance or misaligned. When this happens, the person can get quite a variety of symptoms.

There are other presentations of foot pain also. The key is to get it checked by a doctor that is going to be able to properly diagnose the source of the problem and then try to treat it as quickly and effectively as possible without having to go to surgical or even drug treatments.

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