How to Eliminate Neck Pain

Dr. Butler has been helping patients get back to health from neck pain, headaches, and many other conditions for 17 years with great success. He does that without the use of medications/drugs or surgical interventions. He uses state of the art equipment and gentle techniques as treatment for the variety of cases that we see. Some of our patient success stories can be seen in the website.

His job is to determine what the cause of the trouble is and then make proper corrections. If we can help to correct the problem, we certainly do, and have done just that many, many times. If it is determined that other help may be needed, we can get you to the best people for your specific need. We have found that often drugs, pain killers, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory medications only cover up the underlying problem, and may just allow it to progress and get worse over time.

What really causes neck pain?

Neck pain can include a wide variety of symptoms. It can be very different from one person to the next. Although, there often common reasons why neck begins to occur. What we will discuss here briefly are; the causes, proper recognition of the source of the problem, and then, how to correct it.

One of the most common causes of neck pain is misalignment of structures of the spine in the neck or upper back. When these misalignments occur, they cause interference with the nerves of the spine. Nerve interference causes the nerve transmission signals to be mis-communicated to the muscles or other structures. The nerves don’t function right, so the “end organs”, muscles, or other tissues the nerve is communicating with don’t work right either. This is often times causes the symptoms that the patient detects. The symptoms can vary, but in many cases it shows up as pain, or “stiff neck”, strange feeling in the arms or fingers, numbness, tingling, weakness, even headaches. Sometimes these symptoms show up quickly even there may have been an underlying problem for a long time. Other times the symptoms get worse gradually over a longer period of time.

How to determine what is causing the neck pain

To determine if structural spine misalignment may be causing your neck pain, stand in front of mirror and do some simple range of motion tests. Leaning the head to one shoulder and then to the other, keeping your face and nose straight forward, and try not to move the shoulders up or down. If there is pain or strange feelings when you’re doing this, stop, and try the other side. If there is a difference in the range, it might be a problem with spine misalignment. Turning your face one way, then the other and observing how far you can go each way is another range of motion test.
Neck pain is a common reason why a patient seeks chiropractic care, and Dr. Butler is highly trained to determine what is causing your symptoms.
Other Causes of neck pain can include; recent car accidents, or accidents that occurred long ago, sports injuries, work-related injuries, improper ergonomics, stress that causes long-term changes to the structures of the spine in the neck and back, and disc injuries.

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