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Take good care of your “Fish”

Owning your own fish tank can be a rewarding and relaxing experience. Health benefits have been noted by those who enjoy the peaceful relaxation that comes from watching fish. However, it does take some care in maintaining a healthy fish tank. You must clean the gravel, keep the chemical levels safe in the water, clean the filter and feed the appropriate amounts and quality.

What would happen if you took care of your fish like you took care of your body? Would you pollute your fish tank with coffee every morning, giving them a little caffeine to get their gills flapping? Imagine how long the fish would live if you poured some coffee into the tank when the fish looked a little sluggish, followed by some food filled with fat, grease or sugar. Then, stressed them out all day by tapping on the glass. Finally, to end the day, you dump in a nice, cold Miller Lite. The fish wouldn’t last a day.

For those who do own a fish tank, you notice that the slightest little stress will lead to disease. Your fish get stressed out and they develop white spots. Oh no, they’ve got Ich. Did they catch Ich or was it because of the stress? How would you treat it? Would you use Ich Away or remove the stress? I made the mistake of using a chemical to treat my ill fish. He got better temporarily and then all my fish died because they got stressed from the chemicals I used to treat the Ich. Never again.

The lesson is obvious; we are slowly killing ourselves with drugs and chemicals instead of changing our lifestyle. Cures don’t come in a bottle and diseases don’t mysteriously appear in our bodies. Diseases are a result of physical, chemical and emotional stress overwhelming our body. Change your lifestyle and improve your health.

By Dr. Christopher Butler, DC
Englewood, CO 80111
(303) 741-2444