Garden of the GodsWhen a patient presents to a chiropractors office, it’s usually because they are having some kind of symptoms of discomfort in the back or neck. Neck pain, mid-back pain, low-back stiffness, aches or pains are common presentations. Since discomforts of the body and back can, and do, indicate underlying problems, a thorough spinal examination is essential.

Chiropractors are expert taught and trained neuro-musculo-skeletal doctors. A chiropractic spinal examination begins with a case history from the patient. Here the chiropractor gets a better understanding of what is bringing patient in. What are the symptoms, and how long they have had the problem? When the problem started, how it is showing up, is it constant or off and on. Also the doctor assesses other relating factors like; other health history traumas, falls, accidents, illnesses, etc. What other treatments has the patient had before for the problem, in any. What makes it worse? What makes it better? Dietary habits, occupation, and other background history can also be helpful. Next steps in the spinal examination include, relevant ortho, and neuro tests by the chiropractor. Then x-rays or MRI’s if the doctor feels that they are necessary.

Back pain is a very common problem, but not all back problems are the same. One person might have been working in the yard and hurt his back lifting something, while another may have been in a car accident two years ago and has been having problems that come and go in the back or neck ever since that time. Many other things can also be a cause of back pain, so a thorough spine examination is an important part of getting the patient back to feeling better.

Chiropractors are highly trained doctors and first-step providers to determine what’s causing your spinal pain. The next step is making corrections using chiropractic adjustments. If necessary, the chiropractor can refer the patient to another medical specialist, if other steps are required.

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