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Are You Drunk? Or Just Subluxated?

You’d get very concerned if you saw a friend stumble out of a local drinking establishment and get into their car. Alcohol’s slowing effect on reaction times is very well documented. Just the slightest decrease in reaction times corresponds to a dramatic increase in automobile accidents. This is one reason our society demands that people who drive, drink responsibly. You wouldn’t want your friends drinking and driving.

Maybe we shouldn’t let people drive subluxated. The University of Auckland, New Zealand studied the effects of subluxation and reaction times. In one group, patients received a chiropractic upper cervical adjustment to remove subluxations. Another group was a control group. The results of the study indicated that the group that received chiropractic care demonstrated a significant improvement in their reaction times as compared to the control group. The group that received a chiropractic adjustment demonstrated a 14.8% improvement in their reaction time.
The study demonstrates that subluxations have a slowing effect on our reaction times.

Subluxations impact our performance at every level including reaction times. Drinking and driving is a very serious offence in our society. Thousands of lives are lost every year because of drinking and driving. How many lives are lost because of subluxations? We are a subluxated society. Imagine if most people driving a vehicle were drunk. Most people driving a car are subluxated. Imagine how many less accidents there would be if everyone were subluxation free with improve reaction times.

What about sports? The athlete who is subluxation free demonstrates quicker reaction times. The athlete’s performance would certainly improve. This is one reason we see the very best athletes on the planet choosing chiropractic for performance enhancement.

Imagine going through your life drunk. Now imagine going through your life sober; this is the chiropractic difference.

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