Garden of the GodsOptimal spinal health is the outcome we are trying to help each and every one of our patients achieve. Many times spinal health may not seem to be an issue until it becomes a crisis.

The first thing we do when you visit Butler Family Health is to assess and detect what is causing the problem or symptoms that have brought you to the office.

So many times the symptoms that a patient presents with are due to de-conditioning of the components that maintain the spine and posture. Over time these parts, such as, the muscles around the spine, the ligaments, and the vertebrae themselves, have shifted to misalign. When this happens there is a loss of proper function of the spine and nerve system. That then causes the variety of symptoms a patient may have. Since this process develops over a long period of time and improper motions of the spine, it makes sense that reconditioning and restoring proper function would involve Spinal Correction and exercises. Along with the chiropractic adjustments, correction and specific exercise to re-coordinate the spine become important for the long term improvement overall.

Since improper spinal and nerve system function can sometimes take years to develop before it shows symptoms, it does take time for proper function to be restored during the adjustment and spinal correction process. As long as the patient is aware of the process involved, and willing to do the steps necessary for improvement, the outcomes can be very rewarding and very healthy.

Spinal correction and exercises are specific to the individual, since no two patients are the same, the techniques always need to be customized to achieve the best outcome for that patient. Many factors play a part in the also such as, age, general health status, work life, stress levels, eating habits, and other factors contribute to the corrective process.

At Butler Family Health Center, it is our mission to help the patient achieve those positive healthy outcomes so they can enjoy a happy life and freedom through proper spinal and nerve system functions.

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