Crystal Mill ColoradoA non-surgical, non-medication approach to the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you’re reading this page, you probably already have some familiarity with the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

We are here to help patients understand that often times their wrist, hand, or arm pain/symptoms can be greatly helped without a need for surgeries or medications.

Here’s how that works…

Carpal Tunnel syndrome is a problem that most often has its source of trouble from compression of the median nerve, or other nerves of the wrist. This compression of the nerves, over time, causes a variety of symptoms in the patients’ hand, and/or arm, wrist.

The first step in treating a carpal tunnel / wrist problem is to properly diagnose exactly where in the patient’s arm/wrist/hand the nerve interference is occurring.

Following accurate diagnosis, and if it is determined that the symptoms are due to nerve compression, then we can begin removing the interference, thereby eliminating, or at least greatly reducing the condition.

There are eight carpal bones in the wrist. They help form the carpal tunnel which allows the nerves of the wrist to pass through, and they allow the wide variety of motions that the wrist and hand can perform.

When the wrist bones (carpal bones) get misaligned, also called “subluxated“, the compression of the nerves or dysfunction of the wrist is what causes the symptoms. So the misalignment needs to be corrected (treated).

In chiropractic care, we do this by manually “re-adjusting” the misaligned carpal bones that often are causing the nerve compression problem.
Dr. Butler has treated hundreds of patients over the years with wrist/arm/hand pain caused by Carpal Tunnel syndrome with great results.
Best of all, we use gentle, easy, non-painful adjustment techniques to “re-align” the carpal bones thereby reducing the nerve pressure. And we do these techniques without need for medications, or surgery.

If you, or someone you know is having this kind of a problem, give us a call – there’s a good chance we can help.
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