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Chiropractic and Parkinson’s Disease 92% of Parkinson’s Patients Experience Results

Chiropractic and Parkinson’s Disease-92% of Parkinson’s Patients Experience Results Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the brain characterized by shaking, loss of balance, and difficulty in walking and movement. The disease is associated with damage to the part of the brain that controls movement. It is one of the most common neurologic conditions in the elderly. The exact reason why the brain cells deteriorate is unknown. Theories include long term exposure to chemicals or metal poisoning like aluminum and mercury (commonly found in flu shots). There are no known cures for Parkinson’s disease. There are Medical drugs that have shown to slow the progression.

A study published in 2004 in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation revealed some hope for Parkinson’s patients. The study showed that Parkinson’s patients benefited significantly from chiropractic care. Researchers studied 37 patients with Parkinson’s disease and an amazing 92% of the patients experienced improvement. In addition, the patients who experienced improvement reported no further progression during their course of care. The duration ranged from one to five years depending on the patient. The authors noted a direct link between trauma induced neck injuries and disease onset for Parkinson’s. Correcting the injury to the neck with a chiropractic adjustment seems to arrest and reverse Parkinson’s disease.

Interference to the function of the brain stem can have devastating effects to the health of an individual. If you have a friend or family member suffering from Parkinson’s disease please have them checked by a qualified wellness chiropractor for subluxations. It may change their life!

Reference: Elster EL: Eighty-one patients with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease undergoing upper cervical chiropractic care to correct vertebral subluxation: a retrospective analysis. JVSR, August 2004

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