When should you go to the chiropractor for spinal pain?

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Chiropractors like Dr. Butler are a great first choice step to understanding what’s causing your spinal pain. Assuming that you’ve had this pain before and it always goes away after a while, or, taking a pill of some kind to make it go away, may just make the problem worse.

Just like the “check engine” light on your car, if you do nothing the problem gets worse. Maybe the bulb would burn out, that doesn’t mean the engine problem is gone.

Covering up spinal pain with medications, painkillers, muscle relaxers, or ibuprofen, is like putting a piece of black tape over your check engine light in your car. It doesn’t fix the problem, it just covers up the warning sign.

Dr. butler is a highly trained doctor for the first-step to determine what’s causing your spinal pain. The next step is making corrections using chiropractic adjustments. If necessary, the chiropractor can refer the patient to another medical specialist, if other steps are required.

Most common causes of spinal pain

The spine is mainly composed of the bones of the back called vertebrae, the spinal cord itself, the ligaments that hold the vertebrae together, various muscle groups that allow motion in the and neck, discs between the vertebrae, provide shock absorption at each vertebral level and more space that allows the nerve branches to out from the spinal cord and go to parts of the body.

When a person is having spinal pain, the most common reason would be aches, stiffness, and discomfort, caused by lack/loss of proper motion of the vertebra. This commonly causes aches, pains, or the symptoms tend to come and go, and seem to get worse over time.

The best treatment for this kind of spinal pain is chiropractic adjustment. This increases spinal flexibility, increases range of motion, restores normal motion, and thereby taking unnecessary pressure off the discs, ligaments, muscles, and nerve roots of the spine.