Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Dr. Butler has great success using special chiropractic techniques to gently remove the pressure that interferes with those nerves working the way they should. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Chiropractic techniques, work well to reduce the symptoms, and eliminate the need for surgery or medications.

Common symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome include:

  1. Pain, numbness, tingling of the hands that wakes you up at night. Maybe with hands angled inward at the wrist.
  2. Numbness, tingling, or strange feelings in hands and wrists after use during the day.
  3. Hands, wrists gets “cold” and don’t want to warm up very easily.
  4. Symptoms may occur in one or both hands.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by blockage of the nerves going through the “carpal tunnel” of the wrist.

The key to reducing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome is the elimination of the compression of the nerves at the wrist.

A proper diagnosis in cases of arm, hand and wrist pain, or other symptoms is of highest importance in beginning proper treatment.

Over the years, we have seen hundreds of cases of wrist pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome-like symptoms. Our carpal tunnel treatments have helped a great many of those patients to feel much better.

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