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Prozac in Drinking Water

According to a study conducted in England, pharmaceutical drugs are now being found in our drinking water. The study looked at 12 drugs that were potential environmental stressors, including painkillers, antibiotics and antidepressants. The study found traces of these drugs in rivers, sewage treatment plants and drinking water! This study was performed in England but experts have little doubt that the same problem is occurring in the U.S .

People are taking these drugs in such alarming levels that they are finding their way into our ecosystem, including our drinking water. An environmental report suggested that so many people are taking Prozac that it is building up in our groundwater. This is a concern considering most Americans get their drinking water from ground water sources.

What are the ramifications of medicating our nation with antidepressant drugs like Prozac? This is alarming since we know that antidepressants promote violent behavior, including suicides and homicides. What is even more alarming is that drug companies have suggested dumping statin drugs into our water supply because of presumed benefits for lowering cholesterol.

Interestingly, most drugs are not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); therefore, there is nobody monitoring the effect of prescription drugs on our drinking water. In fact there is no agency even testing drinking water levels of prescription drugs on a regular basis.

Even if you’re not drinking tap water, you are cooking, cleaning and bathing with this chemical laden water. What about the impact on the ecosystem? If it is in the ground water, it is in our food chain. What happens to our crops? Sadly we are not only polluting ourselves, we are polluting our world. The reckless use of pharmaceuticals by our culture is jeopardizing our future and the future of many generations to come.

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